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Applicator Spec Sheet Interface

Производитель: Endress+Hauser

Категория: Инструментарий

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With the module Spec Sheet Interface electronically specification sheets can be read in (e.g. from CAE programs). After the import the corresponding measuring points will be automatically installed as tag in the project module. The data from the specification sheet can be transferred towards one of the modules Selection, Sizing or Configurator. The finally configured products and their data can then be exported again through the module Spec Sheet Interface.

The specification sheet formats are supported in Excel and Applicator-XML.

Principally the two Excel formats specification sheet and tag list form are differed in:

Specification sheet:
Vertically orientated data sheet only valid for one tag, describes the demands of a measuring point and the selected and sized measuring device.

Tag list form:
Horizontal orientated data sheet for n tags, describes the demands for measuring points and selected and sized measuring devices.

  • There is a specification sheet pool in Excel format with already prepared sheets available. The specification sheet can be called and data can be pout in directly in the module Spec Sheet Interface.
  • You have the limited possibility to define your own Excel format for your favored specification sheets.
  • The call for Spec Sheet Interface happens in the extended project module by importing one ore more measuring points (tags) into a project.
  • With the edit function the specification sheets can be called, corrected and completed with data.
  • The export of the specification sheet or lists is called through the extended project module. You can choose between Excel and Applicator XML.
  • Re-imported specification sheets will be recognized when data is read in and will be compared with the saved sheet in the project module. The user decides on the final import of the specification sheet.